FAQS / Shop Policies

~Frequently Asked Questions~

Some of the questions we get regarding pins are listed below! 

If there is a question you need answered that is not here, please do not hesitate to contact us with your questions!

~ What is an A / B / C Grade?

Pins are handmade so not every single one of them comes manufactured perfectly!

~ Our Grading Policy is as follows:

At Sasusauceypins, we crave constant top notch quality!
As a collector, we try our best to never send out a product we wouldn’t appreciate receiving ourself at the grade and quality purchased at.
* A GRADE: A grades are nearly flawless, this pins have been inspected and found none to one flaw on the pin. This could include small streaking, a small speck. They are the best of the batch. These are what all preorders receive by default.


* A- GRADE: A- grades are flawed, but minorly so. This will include a single speck of screenprinting that is off, a swirl or a small amount of bubbles in a stained glass that would not be fit for an A grade, but not damaged or resulting in a B grade

* B GRADE: B grades are pins that have pin pricks, a heavy amount of swirls and bubbles in the stained glass, weird swirling in pearl effects, weird discoloration in enamel, or screen-printing that has smeared.

* C GRADE: C grades are pins that have a deep scratch or miscoloring over in enamel, these have super noticeable screenprinting issues and heavy heavy swirls and bubbles in special effects.


By purchasing the grade you purchase, you are agreeing that you acknowledged this grading system have chosen the grade of your choice by this system


*Shopowner is very nit picky and tries to grade as fair as possible. If there is an issue with the grade, please do feel free to let them know 💖


Why Black Nickel / Not Other Metals?

Unless a design is designed to be a certain metal, the default metal we choose to use is a Black Nickel / Black Silver metals.

Why is that?:


As a long term collector myself, I have found over time certain metals start to tarnish if they care not stored and presented in a shadow box or polished frequently. I have found this to be more so common in gold and especially in Rose Gold metals ( My assumption is the oxidizing of the metal makes them tarnish faster! Haha ) 
This being said, I prefer a black nickel / black silver metal due to the traditional line art styles and the way black highlights the effects and colors used on pins!
I am not opposed to making other metal colors but prefer gathering BN (Black nickel)!
ALSO 💖 Nickel is a nickname of mine due to my middle name tee hee 🥳

What are your Shipping Policies?

We ship anywhere around the world! 🌎🌍🌏

For U.S. bound shipping the shipping cost is $5.00
Insurance can be added for an additional cost.
*We will automatically add insurance to orders over $50 at no additional cost to you! 💖
Any international bound orders shipping will cost $15.00.
Insurance can be added for an additional cost.
*We will automatically add insurance to orders over $50 at no additional cost to you! 💖

*** You may be charged a shipping tax / fee for recieving our products.

*** Sasusauceypins is not responsible for payment of these fees for your order.
*** Sasusauceypins legally will not ship your product claiming false product cost on custom forms.
Due to postal services being a seperate entitiy from Sasusauceypins, once your order is dropped off for shipment at a post office, the orders shipping becomes out of our control. 
Some delays in shipping may occur due to holiday shipping influx as well as pandemic shipping delats may occur. These delays are out of Sasusauceypins control, please be patient with us!


If you purchase insurance, the postal service may/should issue you a refund for the value of your purchase, as this is what I report the value as for the insurance.Any orders over $50.00 will automatically receive insurance on their order at no cost to you! 
We will automatically add insurance to orders over $50 at no additional cost to you! 💖
  • * We will try our best to assist you with finding the package.
  • * If the package cannot be found and you purchase insurance we will help/work with you and the USPS to get your money back.
  • * If your package gets lost and you did not purchase insurance, your order maybe available for repurchase, potentially at a discounted rate / free , depending on the type of product or if still in stock.

Shipping Notification Emails?

- You will receive a email notification at the time Sasusauceypins purchases your shipping label that the order has been shipped. 
- This means your label has been printed and your order has been packed.
- Your order will be scanned in by me when dropped off at the post office notifying you that the post office has received my package. Once they scan the package it is in transit to you. 

Shipping Times?

- Ideally Sasusauceypins will ship your order 24 - 48 hrs for inhands products. If the purchase falls on a weekend your order will ship Monday. 
- For any pre order products, shipping time will vary depending on product production time. Ideal production time is 3 - 6 months but this is not always the case. These times vary depending on the holiday times of different countries, shipping times, and design tweaking times.
- By purchasing a pre-order, you are agreeing to wait these times out for the purchased product. 
- All orders purchased with pre-orders and in-hand products are agreeing to wait for the pre-order products completion before receiving all purchased products. 
To avoid this, purchase in hand products and pre-orders separately.

Combined Shipping?

Combined shipping is available for certain orders!
If you are willing to wait according to our pre-order waiting policy as well as the in hand shipping policy, a shipping refund may be available to you!
If your order weight totals higher than the allowed weight for the original shipping, a discount will not be eligible. You will be sent an invoice for the extra shipping cost if you use the code and it does not apply. Sasusauceypins will not send the order unless you pay the additional shipping invoice. (This is only because some of the pins we make are very hefty in size and weight, if you purchase a dinner plate and want to combine shipping for small orders thats perfect, but giant hauls and dinner plates increase shipping cost to properly package the order and preserve the safety of your order while shipping.

- USE CODE : COMBINESHIP to apply to your newest order. 


What is a Pre-Order?

* A Pre-order is a purchase of a pin based upon the approved art work the is based upon the initial design.

* This purchase is to help fund the production of the product of pins / keychains / products offered by Sasusauceypins. 

* By purchasing a pre-order you agree to wait for the arts final approval, the production times, and shipping times to receive this product. You are essentially backing a products creation, so we thank you for being apart of our growth! .

* There may be a few differences from the initial design to the final product as some hiccups in production may lead to a few changes being made to allow production to be done. All updates of these issues are brought up in instagram stories. Please follow @Sasusauceypins on instagram for updates.

* If a pre-order is purchased with an in hand product purchase, you are agreeing to wait for the pre-orders production to receive all products

* By purchasing a pre-order you will receive the highest quality of product.

Pins will be A Grades

All other products will be the highest quality.

How Long are Pre-Orders open for?

All Preorders are kept open at a discounted rate until the allotted slots open for full funding of the design have sold out, or the products have been finished by the manufacturer and have been shipped to me. The price will then increase after the pins are in hand!



What are Production Times?

Production times will vary depending on the type of product purchased.

Most Acrylic products take a month to 3 month to be received based upon purchase size.

Most Kokeshi Pin Products take a month to 3 months to receive based upon purchase size

Other Pin Products production times vary depending on the size, effects, and complexity of the design. 

**Delivery times from manufacturers vary depending on economic conditions beyond our control.